Our short trip to Berlin was eventful with lots do do , see and explore.Instead of doing the usual travel blog post , I’ve decided to “Keep it art’ and focus on all the artsy fartsy things that caught my attention and set my creative juices flowing But keep it separate from my blog.Almost immediately I was welcomed by creativity with the fun illustrations of Yosh Sisley whose work I found plastered all over Bikini Berlin  .

While we were out exploring I noticed this place , a Go Pop Up. Based in Berlin (from what I can gather) and operating  within Europe and providing everything you would expect from a ‘Pop-Up’ company .The offer a temporary place for creative folk to test, promote and develop their business ideas.

Pop-Up’s have been around for a while and they are just as exciting and creative now as when they first started out. I adore the idea of something so limited , experimental and exclusive so when I stumbled across Go Pop-Up I found it all intriguing.

image (95)

The Wall -The Asisi Panorama of a Divided City

Yadegar Asisi’s Panorama presents the great divide between the east west Berlin and its fall in 1989 in the most graphical display of everyday life along the wall.In the foyer their are over a hundred photo motifs from witnesses of the Berlin Wall.Something which also brings it all to life would be the participation element where visitors are asked one question ,  ‘What does freedom mean to you?’ and where visitors are encouraged to write their response anywhere. This evidently influenced  a flood of answers on the walls , the floor and even the bench which I found interesting as it mimics the streets too. As we were walking around ‘graffiti’ everywhere with no sign of it being cleaned off or washed over. And , not to mention , Eastside Gallery .

 Jackson Pollock’s Mural : Energy Made Visible | Kunst Halle by Deutsche Bank

Of course I had to visit a Pollock exhibition , it would be rude not to !

Mural , Pollock’s first large-scale work, was originally made as a present to Peggy Guggenheim in 1943 .Little did he know that this painting would be identifies as a turning point for American art.Soon after and by 1947 , Pollock had continued to produce the large- scale drip paintings which is know for today.

“Energy Made Visible” brings together a collection of works that compliments such a profound piece and sets it in the context (If needed) . In the exhibition you will find more than forty other pieces by artists and photographers including Lee Krasner, Roberto Matta, Aaron Siskind, Gjon Mili, Barbara Morgan, Robert Motherwell, and Andy Warhol.

On entering the exhibition , I must be honest ,all I wanted to see was Pollock’s work but I was then immediately drawn to Gjon Mili’s ‘Alfred Hitchcock during the filming of Shadow of a Doubt (1943) , Lee Kraspner’s ‘Another Storm‘ (1963) , Andy Warhol’s ‘Yarn Painting‘ (1983) and Robert Motherwell’s ‘ Elegy to the Spanish Republic,  No.126‘ (1965-1975).

Also , while we were out and about there were a couple of buildings that caught my eye :

….oh , and the pavement:

One building that stopped us in our tracks was Reichsbahnbunker , a listed air-raid shelter. In fact it has held a number of purposes ; constructed in 1943 as an air raid shelter, then taken by the Red Army and turned into a prisoner of war camp in 1945 , between 1949 and 1957 it was used to store food goods and then in the early 90’s it was turned into a techno-club only to be shut down and then used as a venue for insideout . But that isn’t what stopped us in our tracks. The thing that isn’t clear from the photo’s , the building looks as if it was plucked up and places in there and as if it doesn’t really belong in that area with it’s fresh hotels , clean pavements and modern houses. Just as an observation , this is something you would find all over Berlin , no two houses are the same (okay, maybe three in a row tops) and there is always something being built or developed.





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